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1974 Born in Kyoto
1996 BFA, Japanese Painting, Kyoto Seika University
2001 MFA, Art and Design, University of Tsukuba

[Solo Exhibitions]
2004 “TRANCE GROOVE―SHIRATAMA―”Voice Gallery, Kyoto
2005 “Metamorphose and SHUMISEN”Kyoto Seika University Shin-bi, Kyoto
2006 “Massless the hormone”Voice Gallery, Kyoto
   “Nirvana-Drawing installation-”street gallery, Hyogo
   “Nirvana-Shine plexus-”gallery Ray, Aichi
2007 “Metamorphose and Paradise”Bunkamura Gallery+, Tokyo
   “Boundary-Platonic Disco-”Outenin Temple, Osaka

[Group Exhibitions]
2000 “The 11th Sekiguchi Art Foundation Prize Exhibition,”Kashiwa City Cultural Forum 104, Chiba[’02]
2003 “Tokyo Wonder Wall Contest 2003,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
   “Stay With Art-Scenery of sleep-”T−point hotel art project, Osaka
2004 “Selected Artists in Kyoto −2004 New Wave,” The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto[’06]
    “Take art collection 2004,”Spiral, Tokyo[’05]
“Draw The Line”neutron , Kyoto
2005 “The Crossing of tactile perception and visual perception,”Gallery Haneusagi, Kyoto
    “Japanese Painting Jack,”The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2006 “√roots-the Japanese one in me-”Honenin Temple(Suppoted by Kyoto Art Center), Kyoto
   “Funabashi Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition ’06: The Place with Lights,” The Funabashi Citizens Gallery, Chiba
2007 “SLEEP-Are You Awake?-”Art Front Gallery, Tokyo
   “Under Thread”Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori

[Awarads & Prizes & Public Collections]
2001 The Prize of Director in Master Course of Art at“University of Tsukuba Master Course Exhibition”(Collection of University of Tsukuba)
2002 The Grand Prize at“The 13 th Sekiguchi Art Foundation Prize Exhibition”(Collection of Kashiwa City)Studied in New York under the scholarship of Sekiguchi Art Foundation