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1982 大阪府出身

2007 多摩美術大学グラフィックデザイン学科卒業

2010 多摩美術大学大学院美術研究科博士前期課程絵画専攻修了

2011 東京藝術大学研究生 Solo Exhibitions

2014 きりかくイメージ」/ “The Notching Images” , Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

2014 田附楠人個展, Art Stage Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2012 The Grid,CIGE, Beiging, China

2010 “Structure beyond Function” Exhibition, Traditional Japanese Storehouse, Kamakra

2009 “Tazuke Cousteau Solo Exhibition”, ANOTHER FUNCTION, Tokyo Group Exhibitions

2018 “Scratch/Thread”,Pantone Hotel ,Brussels, Belgium

2016 "The Track of MOTOE KUNIO's Project", ANOTHER FUNCTION, Tokyo,Japan

2015 YIA - Young International Artists, paris, france

2015 「OBSCUR ? CLARTÉ」, La Confidentielle, paris, france

2014 「Ein Tag im Leben von / A Day in the Life of」, Galerie Hengevoss-Duerkop&FranticGallery,Hamburg,

2014 「Frantic End of The Year Show」, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

2012 “OUT of FLAT!”, Galerie Hengevoss-Duerkop & Frantic Gallery,Hamburg, Germany

2011 “Alternative Lines”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

2011 “The Matrix and The Grid”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

2010 “2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic, Gallery, Tokyo

2009 “Circle”, CCAA, Tokyo

2009 “Wakuraha”, Gallery .b.Tokyo, Tokyo

2008 “no border”, Tama Art University Gallery, Tokyo Press


芸術界 / LEAP pp.65-66.2012

Art Trade Journal pp.90-94.2013

中日新聞 2013.07.27 Paper

Investigation and research for 「Jinzouseki」on LR-Bantan line, a branch of West Japan

Railway company,Hyougo prefecture. 道具学会道具学論集第12号、2005